LEAN EMAIL: Beating The Inbox

Take your life back from email overload

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Email is the biggest productivity killer ever

If you're like the average office worker, you spend 25% or more of your workday managing email. You'll never get that time back, but worse, the non-stop email drains your energy and distracts you from the work you enjoy doing.

Email is the #1 source of workplace stress

You shouldn't have to come in early and stay late just to keep up with the inbox. You shouldn't have to check in at night or during your vacation. Some countries have even introduced laws to control email overload and restore work-life balance.

It shouldn't be this way!

Hi, I'm Geoff Weinstein

Let's be honest: Email is out of control.

40% of the people I poll suffer from email overload. In response, I've developed an online program that will slash the amount of  time you waste on email, reduce the number of messages you get, and transform you into a master of influence in an age where it's almost impossible to get attention, let alone action. 

I want to help you get your life back. 

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What you'll learn:

Efficiency Tips & Best Practices

Email Etiquette Rules

The Art of Email Influence

A Structure That Gets Fast Action

How your life will change after Lean Email

Spend less time writing emails. Get faster replies. Waste less time on your inbox. Be more influential. Enhance your personal brand. Focus on the stuff you enjoy doing. More time for the important people and things in your life.

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"The Lean Email Online Course has given me the ability to not only manage my email better, but has also given me the tools to write better emails, getting me what I need when I need it and helping me influence (positively) the people I work with. The course only takes a few minutes a day and encourages you to make small simple changes to your daily way of working that help you to see immediate results. Well worth every dollar spent! "

Stephanie Weitz

"My team really battled to communicate via email. We took the Lean Email challenge and the results speak for themselves. My team and I no longer get or send irrelevant emails, and when we do send the emails, they are understood and actioned immediately, no more waiting on feedback. This has freed up so much time for myself and my team, that we are able to focus on the important things and get on with what we are meant to. Brilliant course for any team, even if you don’t realize how frustrated you are."

Rhein Weitz
Client Services Director

Lean Email is designed for busy people

You'll explore 17 crucial topics, all delivered by Geoff Weinstein in a plain language, webinar style. The modules are no more than 10 minutes long, which means you don't have to miss work or block time on your calendar. If you complete one or two lessons a day, you'll be done in about three weeks. And of course, it's all mobile-friendly.

Lean 101

Learn about the changes made to our business lives through technology.

When to use email

Establish the simple best practice to help you decide when you should and when you shouldn't.

Personality of Email

Focus on the tone of your email messages, the difference between stiff and formal.

To, CC, BCC, Etc.

Discover the options for addressing your emails appropriately.

Power Browsing

Learn the critical skill of designing an email that looks so easy your audience will read it right away.

Visual Distractions

Uncover bad habits that distract the readers' attention and pull them away from your message. 


Here we look at the rules and best practices for building lists to ensure easy to read emails.

Efficiency tips

Learn 10 tips that will help you slash your email volume and help you to spend less time on email.

Power Language

Get people to do what you ask by using the language of influence.


Engage your audience and overcome resistance. 

Subject Lines

Learn how to write a subject line that gets clicked. 

Friendly Salutations

Learn the right and wrong ways to write an email greeting. 

3-block structure

Discover a 3-block structure that gets people to do what you ask. 

Block 1

Learn how to beat writer's block and engage your audience.

Block 2

Develop content that keeps them reading. 

Block 3

End strong so your reader wants to work with you.

Signing off

Regards, Best Regards, Thanks? Find out the best way to end your email without sounding dumb.  

The Evolution of Lean Email

SEO Keywords writeup will go in here. 


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